Butter set with Lemons
Butter set with Lemons
Butter set with Lemons

Butter set with Lemons

Butter jug and butter knife set
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The perfect set to bring butter to the table for all diners. The clean, modern Edelweiss style combined with the practicality we look for every day.


On request it is possible to customise the back of the product with lettering and logos


The butter jug consists of a handy tray and a hand-decorated cover bell. The butter spreader with its decorated, light and ergonomic handle completes this beautiful, useful and easy-to-clean as well as easy-to-store set.

Product maintenance guide
  • Dishwasher-safe with a regular programme of about 65-70°C sufficient for cleaning. A higher temperature is not recommended.
  • Be careful not to bump them together when putting them in the dishwasher and avoid friction when washing by separating them well from each other.
  • NO oven, NO microwave.
  • Handle with care, our handmade ceramics are softer than industrial porcelain.
  • Non-ceramic accessories such as wooden parts, metal, cork should be washed separately by hand.
  • All our products are made and painted by hand. This is why small differences in colour, size or slight imperfections make each piece unique and unmistakable.
  • White ceramic is a naturally porous material that absorbs moisture. The resulting formation of halos does not affect its use.
  • More info here!
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