Become a reseller
of an Italian art

The Edelweiss brand was grounded 50 years ago in Nove, thanks to our passion for the quality craft. In a little time our ceramics, completely handmade and handpainted, are sold everywhere, as souvernir or table accessory “Made in Italy”, with a typical mediterranean taste. The increasing necessity to have stores that propose quality souvenirs and that transmit the soul of the place through decorative and at the meantime useful objects, has brought us to open, 20 years ago, our first Edelweiss shop. The high profitability of the product and the originality of the shops, with a typical Italian taste, have encouraged always more retailers to place our products inside already existing shops through corners or displays specially developed to give value to our ceramics, or they have even decided to rely on us for the study and creation of the whole shop concept, to start a successful business. It is becoming more and more important the necessity to give an identity to our stores, that makes them recognizable both in Italy and abroad, so we have started the EDELWEISS SHOP project, to give the chance to open an innovative shop to everybody, with a functional furniture and a selection of well selling items, result of 50 years of experience.
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Corner and displays

Always succesful is the insertion of an Edelweiss corner with our displays in already existing sales points. The available place will be studied to enhance his value to the maximum, with planning and setting up, or we can insert our displays specifically studied for our ceramics.


Use our display especially designed to show our products in the best way:

– it is light, but at the same time very stable

– you can move it easily, it has two swivel and two fixed wheels

-it is small, so that you can easily place it in the shop

– it is robust and durable because it has a painted iron structure.

– combined with other exhibitors, it creates a small corner with a refined taste and a highly recognizable product.


The ideal locations for the Edelweiss shops are: touristic areas, town centers with high pedestrian traffic, shopping centers.

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The Franchising

Edelweiss is at the continue pursuit of new and innovative display solutions. Years of experience, in fact, let us understand the importance of the exposition to favour the sales. Edelweiss ceramic franchising offers:

– study and custom-made furniture planning like the attached project, realised in cooperation with a team of architects, to to give the maximum value to the proposed articles and display them in the most incisive way.
– step by step support in the new business
– simple and efficient software, with sales management and supervision through barcode system, synchronized with the parent server for automatic reorders, upgrades, etc.
– a selection of complementary high profitable handcrafted articles made in Italy , that matches well with our ceramics and creates a successful mix
– a constant study on the products and addition of new collections to make the sales point always interesting

Why opening a shop with us?

– Because we put 50 years of experience available to you and we will assist you step by step
– Because we offer you products that are a result of a selection and that are tested in the market in years of work with direct contact to the public
– Because we give you the possibility to realize an unique sales point, with personalized and customized articles studied for you and for your customers
– Because we give you the possibility to give value to the Made in italy, with his crafts and traditions and to transmit them to your customers
– Because our products are easy to be sold, without test, creased clothes or changes
– No experience is required, we will put all our skills available to you