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Unique, imperfect and emotional works

Edelweiss believes that the best investment is in the continuous search for quality and in the creation of ever new lines that convey our emotions to our customers: the love for handmade and hand-painted things, the awareness of bringing a unique and unrepeatable object into one’s home, the passion for our land and the satisfaction of bringing a touch of Italy into homes all over the world.

“We decorate!”

We are experienced painters and our task is to bring each individual ‘piece’ to life, transforming it into a unique and inimitable small work of art.

“We give shape…”

We are moulders and with our own hands each raw piece is shaped and finished with care and attention.

“We do graphics…”

We take care of everything related to graphics. Starting from an idea we arrive at the finished project through printing and screen printing.

“We check!”

We are responsible for ensuring that our products not only look good, but that they meet all quality standards using the best raw materials!


I am in charge of sales and am responsible for maintaining strong relationships with our customers, both Italian and foreign, by managing and coordinating orders, administration and logistics.

“The Mascot!”

Bianca is our mascot! But also a bit of the ‘boss’ if you can call her that…. She directs the work, makes sure everything is done ad hoc. Strong point? Sweetness!

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Handmade in Italy

Ceramiche Edelweiss has always aimed to offer its customers a high quality product, which is the result of a union between traditional and state-of-the-art techniques. Ceramics is in fact a very ancient product, made by human hands and three elements: earth, water and fire.


Ceramic art

Studying new lines, shapes and subjects. Because every table has its own style and reflects the personality of the person making it.

New techniques

The decalcomania now offers the possibility of reproducing any image in high resolution on ceramic. An ideal product for those who want to customise objects with their company logo or to create personalised gadgets or give aways.

Material selections

Today, Edelweiss still produces ceramics with the same elements, with the support of new technologies and using only the best available mixtures and paints, free of toxic substances such as lead.