High quality

Edelweiss produces not only hand-painted pieces, but also high-quality printed decorations applied to ceramics through this ancient technique, commonly called “Decal,” which allows the transfer of images, drawings, or simply writing onto ceramics.

graphic design

Images that are not already digitized are scanned and processed using special graphics programs or simply adjusted in color.


The files are then printed by professional photoceramic printing machines to achieve excellent, high-quality images.


The prints are ready to be treated with liquid ceramic lacquer applied with the use of a screen printing frame. A thin, elastic film is spread with the help of a squeegee.

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Illustrated plates

This project titled “Un altro Po,” is for promote the Veneto Delta area through a collection of illustrations by famous artists reproduced on ceramics.

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Wedding favors for weddings, baptisms, confirmations

Ceramic tiles become the favours of a luxury wedding with a distinctly Mediterranean flavour. Starting with the original handmade decoration, the initials of the bride and groom are forever imprinted on ceramic.

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Dishes for events and award ceremonies

Refined trophy plates made for the Cavallino Classic classic car competition in Palm Beach, where prize plates were awarded to the best preserved and restored cars.

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Souvenir plates

Souvenir plates made of ceramic depicting Vienna’s main sights. The print is applied by hand decal on the plate and then fixed by firing.

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