Interior design

Unique design pieces, made of ceramic, modelled and painted by hand, born from the creativity of Lynn Wesenbeek in collaboration with Edelweiss Ceramiche.

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Ceramic jam pot

Making elegant hand-decorated ceramic jam pot.

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Luxury Gin Bottles

Creation of a customised luxury ceramic bottle for limited edition Gin of its own production.

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Furnishing Complements

Design of ceramic furnishing accessories to be sold in combination with textiles in Basetti shops.

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Illustrated art plates

Collection of illustrated plates signed by famous Italian artists to promote the Delta Veneto region.

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Bathroom interiors

Production of ceramic accessories for bathrooms, following designers’ plans to create a technical and completely customised product.

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Home Accessories

Cute handmade ceramic hangers with a modern, beautiful and functional design, created to add a touch of personality to the home.