Ceramics with hand-painted prickly pears

Ceramics with prickly pears by Ceramiche Edelweiss

Pottery with hand-painted prickly pear:

To celebrate the coming season and the typical Mediterranean landscapes, Ceramiche Edelweiss has enriched its assortment with the new Fico d’india collection, a typical southern Italian plant, colorful and cheerful. Like all our products, also the Fico d’india commection is completely made by hand and handpainted.

Ceramic artworks are increasingly becoming a way of praising the wonders of our land, both are warm and welcoming, full of color and art.

Even important clothing brands are dedicating their collections to this plant, with its irregular shapes and colorful fruits.

The collection is composed of:

prickly pears leaf, can be used as a tray, saucer or spoon rest

-big prickly pears leaf, can be used as a centerpiece, tray or decorative element

-bowls with different sizes

-trays with different sizes and shapes

-salt and pepper

-all the models in our Forme catalog can be decorated with prickly pears: jugs, bottles, dinner sets, towel holders, vases, etc.