Production backstage with US company Euroceramica

Euroceramica was founded in 1994 by Nicolas Marijeh drawing inspiration from countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. Nicolas’ goal was to bring European ceramics to the US market, this after travelling almost all over the world and falling in love with European style.

Together with his wife Joanna, they flew all the way to Italy, here in Nove in Edelweiss, to see with their own eyes the entire production process of the ceramics, meet our painters and admire their artistry.

This created a real backstage during these days, where professionals from the sector were able to collaborate and exchange ideas. Artists, modellers, videomakers, photographers, operations managers… all together.

We simply ‘seized the moment’ to show you how the relationship between companies and people can give rise to something simply wonderful if there is love and passion for one’s work.