Handicraft Ceramic souvenirs made in Italy

Ceramiche Edelweiss, thanks to his handcrafted production process, makes it possible to personalise decorations, shapes and models to better adapt them to the requests of its customers. This also makes possible o create products for touristic areas, with the name of the place and the typical landscape. In addition to the decoration on smooth shapes, the landscapes can also be reproduced in low relief, to give a very special 3D effect: our craftsmen engrave by hand  the mould to reproduce the subjects on magnets, spoon rests, wall plates, and any other object that can be used as a souvenir. These shapes, like all our products, are subsequently decorated by hand with bright and vibrant colors.

We have already produced with this technique: round, oval, rectangular, square and heart shaped magnets, spoon rests, wall plates for the following locations:

Venice, with the Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco, Madonna della Salute, the Gondole

Lake Garda with various views and various landscapes

Sirmione the castle

Malcesine the castle

Riva del Garda the square

Limone sul Garda the lakefront

grapes themes for an important vineyard in France

other magnets and dishes with typical “food” subjects, like Limoncello, olive oil, vine, etc.

Ask for your personalised, impressive souvenir, completely handcrafted and “Made in Italy”.