Ceramic vases, ceramic cachepot

Ceramiche Edelweiss produces ceramic vases and cachepot in artistic handmade and handpainted ceramic. They are available in many different shapes and sizes: from classic smooth to very particular shapes, with ceramic flower applications, to make them even more precious. Moreover, various sizes are available, from the small pot for cactuses to very important big shapes, for large plants and for the garden.

In addition, the vases can be personalised to best comply with any location. They can be made in solid color, with a vast range of shades, with very modern tonalities like turtledove, beige, “leaf green”, or with more decisive tones like black, red, etc.. The vases can also be decorated by hand with any theme of our catalogues, with personalised patterns or with jungle motifs, as in the pictures.

Our vases are real furniture accessories, perfect to decorate with a fresh touch every corner of your home and to frame your indoor plants that bring life and color even in the cold winter months.