Personalised gift special occasion

Ceramiche Edelweiss gives the opportunity to amaze their loved ones with a special gift, designed and created especially for them. Thanks to the hand work and the hand painting, it is possible to realize any kind of personalization, to obtain a unique and unobtainable product. Our objects are suitable for any situation, from an important gift for special occasions, like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. to working contexts as gifts for companies, gadgets, etc.

In all situations, our product offers the possibility to decorate objects with the name of the celebrated, with a phrase or a decoration, as for example in the wall plate that we made for an anniversary of 50 years of marriage. Our painters, as requested by the son of the celebrated, have decorated, in addition to the names of the spouses, a sentence in Latin and a decoration of the acanthus scrolls, an ornament that in ancient times was engraved in stone or wood in the form of leaves. To give more value to the plate, we have added a writing and details in gold, which with the third burning in the oven, gave a further touch of elegance to the object.

Our team is always available to follow the customer in these projects, from the first phase in which the object is chosen from all our available shapes, to the production of samples by our painters, to the finished product, a unique object that only artisanal ceramic gives the possibility to obtain.