Discover our collections

Our ceramics are entirely handmade and handpainted and are born  from the desire to offer an high-quality handcrafted production, with the constant developing of new lines, to personalise the most diverse rooms and meeting all tastes, from traditional to modern.


These collections contain our ceramics decorated with olive branches, leaves and olives in various tones of green, for objects with a typically Mediterranean taste.


With bright and intense tones of red, these collections bring color and joy to the table.


In the Catalogue Limoni Edelweiss combines with elegance this fruit with other typical Italian products like oranges, olives and chili peppers, to bring to the tables of all the world the colours and the warmth of the countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


Original collections with vegetables, meats, cheese and little animals on plates, bowls, cutlery and bottles.
Every piece is handpainted on relief surface and this original shapes invite the senses , giving more taste and color to your dishes.


Our Catalogue Decorato includes our classic collections, completely handcrafted and handpainted by our artisans.
This collections give a touch of colour and brightness and bring to our homes a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


In our Lux catalogue you will find completely handpainted collections with elaborated decorations, result of special artisan techniques such as the paint on orange peel, that consists of giving a splash of glaze on the raw shape before being decorated, to add movement and light sfaceting on the surface. This collections are the result of a constant research of new subjects and lines, keeping the identity of unique product, made following the antique ceramic tradition.


The collections of the Infinity catalogue are real artworks, result of a long handpainting work or with the use of precious materials, like gold and platinum.
This lines meet the most refined tasted and match perfectly with particular and elegant homes.


Edelweiss created the new “Dog and cat” collection for your pets, composed of food and water bowls, hermetic crockery cans and door plates, with funny and cheerful decorations, all handpainted and customizable with the name of your best friend.


This catalog contains a selection of items like bottles, magnets, spoonrests, etc. suitable for shops in tourist areas.


Collections inspired by the sea world, with fresh and natural colors, decorated with shells, fish and corals to bring your fish dishes to the table and impress your guests with elegance and originality.


This catalog is dedicated to Christmas, to decorate your table and to bring a warm and enchanting atmosphere everywhere.


Mix the pieces of this collection realised with modern and geometric patterns, with elaborate textures or glazed with solid colours , for an unique and particular table setting.


All our products are available at the raw unfinished state “biscotto” and are perfect for hobby and artistic activities or for schools and associations that would like to realize projects in the ceramic world and for who desires to create an art work with own hands.


This catalog contains examples of decorations for wedding give aways, with personalisable patterns and where you can add of the name of the spouses, the date of the event, etc.
Edelweiss also produces personalised give aways for baptisms, communions, graduations, anniversaries and any occasion where we want to leave our guests a special souvenir.

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