Plates for events with personalised graphic

The Canossa Events company, the largest event organization team in Italy, turned to us for the creation of trophy plates for the Cavallino Classic classic car competition in Palm Beach, where the prize plates were awarded to best preserved and restored automobiles.

After choosing the shape of the plate, the customer sent us the personalized graphics with the image of vintage cars, which our graphics team laid out and printed as a decal.

After firing the white plates in the owen, we applied the decals manually and then fired the plates a second time, to indelibly imprint the images on the ceramic.

The result was a unique and personalized trophy, which met with great success and satisfaction.

The ability to create customized graphics, layout and print them, then apply and imprint them on our ceramics, allows us to create customized objects suitable for any circumstance: trophies, gadgets, souvenirs, plates, items for hotels and pizzerias, etc.