Personalized project ceramic cup anniversary Foundry Fim Cast

The customized project for the realization of the ceramic cup for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Fim Cast company in Segusino.

Personalized ceramic cup for the Fim Cast Foundry anniversary celebration: The company Fim Cast from Segusino, founded in 1959, for its 60th anniversary wanted to make a truly special gift for its customers: a personalized ceramic cup, which takes both the color and shape of the steel, which embodies the soul of the company, but which is at the same time a useful and practical object, usable every day. To get to the finished object, we took several steps together with the Fim Cast company:

-Ideation and planning: The architect Enrico Depoi, after a careful analysis of what the Fim Cast company wanted to accomplish for the anniversary, realized the graphic design of the cup. Subsequently, together with our technicians, considerations were made on the actual feasibility of the ceramic cup, with the evaluation of the yield of our material, the choice of glazes and colors to be used, etc.

Printing of the 3D model: With the 3D printing technique, the model of the cup was made, following exactly the required dimensions and measures.

Realization of the mould: on the basis of the rubber model, our artisans made the plaster mould for our presses and the cups were printed in clay one by one by our master potters

First firing in the oven: after finishing and slowly drying the cups, the first firing in the oven was carried out at a temperature of 1,050 °, to obtain the raw “biscuit” cups,  ready to be processed, decorated and glazed.

Glazing and decoration: After a re-checking of the details and the color palette to be used, the cups were glazed on the outside in a shade of dull gray that reminds of cast iron and steel. Our painters have subsequently hand-painted the cups inside in a bright glossy orange tone, to create a sharp contrast with the outside.

Second firing in the oven: the cups were fired in the oven to obtain the finished object.

Application of logo decals and third firing in the oven: To give additional value to the object, custom decals were made with the company’s graphics. The decals were manually applied to the cups, which were baked once more in the oven, to indelibly imprint the logos on the objects.

Packaging: The cups were individually packed, with an attractive packaging made specifically for the event, ready to be given away and to amaze Fim Cast customers.

In the realization of customized projects, Edelweiss provides its complete support from the first step up to the realization of the finished product, ready to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Furthermore, for each project, among the services we offer there is a “story telling” of the creation of the object.

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