Customized Artistic Ceramics

Few other materials make it possible: ceramic enables to create unique, unrepeatable objects with customizable shapes and colors to meet the taste and the demands of everyone.

LOCALITY: Edelweiss gives you the possibility to have at  home an object that reminds a loved place or an unforgettable holiday: all of our shapes can be customized with typical landscapes and scripts to adapt to the various touristic areas, like the Tuscan hills, the symbols of Venice, the castles of the Garda Lake, the Vienna’s palaces, etc. for an unique and precious souvenir.

WEDDING FAVORS: With Edelweiss you can create ceramic favors and personalized wedding give aways: floral decorations that match with the bouquet or that remind the theme of the wedding, with the date of the event and the name of the bride and groom, but also for baptisms, communions , Bachelor degrees  and any other occasion where we want to leave our guests a special souvenir.


GADGETS AND PROMOTIONAL OBJECTS: With Edelweiss you have the possibility to realise ceramic gadgets or promotional items with your logo, your colors, etc.

RESTAURANTS AND BARS: Edelweiss produces dinner sets and table complements for restaurants and bars, for a personalised “mise en place”, that transmits the style of your setting.

TECHNICAL SHAPES: Edelweiss produces tecnical shapes based on projects.


Some custom designs made by Ceramiche Edelweiss..