Personalized centerpiece for Paternostro Jewelery

Ceramiche Edelweiss for Gioiellerie Paternostro: creation of a personalized design centerpiece.

The company Paternostro Gioiellerie came to us for the creation of a personalized centerpiece to give to its customers for the Christmas holidays, a precious object, to thank its customers in a special way. The design of the centerpiece has been studied in synergy with our master potters: the Paternostro company was looking for a company that would follow them step by step for the creation of a refined object, which was in line with the elegance that distinguishes their jewelers shops based in Roho and Legano, in the province of Milan. Initially the idea was to reproduce the external facade of the jewelers on the centerpiece, however the cylindrical shape of the object would have distorted the image. A sober design was then studied, a gray cylindrical centerpiece with a decal applied with white and gold letters, a refined object that would have brought elegance to any setting. Under the centerpiece was also reported the writing in bas-relief with the name of the owners jewelery and their thanks, to give further value to the gift. An attractive packaging has been studied, a cardboard box with the same texture and the same gray background as the centerpiece, to accompany the object perfectly.

The company Ceramiche Edelweiss is always available for the creation of customized objects even for luxury sectors such as jewelers: boxes, centerpieces, vases and furnishing accessories.

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Gioiellerie Paternostro