Personalised tiles, ceramic signs & panels

Ceramiche Edelweiss, with the special painting technique, produces hand-decorated ceramic tiles.
This technique enables the realization of:

– ceramic signs for shops: our painters will reproduce the name of the shop or the brand on tiles, which will then be put together and placed inside a frame, like a mosaic

– countertops, kitchenstops, tables, always personalisable with special colors / decorations to be inserted in more classic and traditional settings, with decorations with fruit and floral, and in modern and minimal settings, with geometric patterns, colored glazes, etc.

– tiles for the bathroom or any other room, handpainted, personalisable with any subject or color

After the first firing in a high temperature oven, the tiles are glazed and then decorated by our painters on glaze, in order to make the colors bright and vibrant.
Subsequently, they are enamelled and burned for the second time in the oven, to obtain a versatile and long-lasting product.

The tiles are available in various shapes and sizes, to adapt perfectly to any request.

Below we illustrate the various phases of the realization of a ceramic sign, which will be placed over the entrance of one of our stores:

1. Computer realization of the graphic project and print on paper of the writing to be realized in real format

2. numeration of the tiles, already fired once in the oven and glazed, and arranged on a big table to be decorated

3. Realization of the sketch, wich consists in perforating the contours of the writing and passing on the holes a powder colour that adheres to the tiles reproducing the trace of the writing he writing

4. handpainting of the writing, following the trace of the sketch

5. decoration of the sign, in this case with lemons but it can be decorated with any other subject

6. second firing of the tiles, which are placed in special supports in the oven

7. the sign is recomposed following the numbering of the tiles that are glued on a flat board and framed, to be hung on the wall

Personalised tiles, ceramic signs, ceramic panels, ceramic tops