Luxury personalised ceramic gin bottle Murtoli Gin

Project for the realization of a luxury gin bottle produced by the Murtoli company in Corsica.

Handmade ceramic spirit bottle:

The Murtoli company in Corsica, owner of the exclusive Domanine de Murtoli, a 5-star hotel located in southern Corsica, contacted us to create a personalized ceramic bottle for the gin they produce.

The customer asked us a refined personalized product,  entirely handmade and that could also be used as a collector’s bottle.

To get to the finished product, we took several steps together with the Murtoli company:

Concept and design: our graphic designers, at the customer’s request, have created the project of a personalized two-tone bottle with the matching white and violet cap, the colors of the customer’s logo

Manual production of bottles with the lathe:the bottles were made by hand one by one with the lathe, the oldest machine invented for the production of ceramics: the potter places the clay in the center of the swivel and, constantly wetting it while the lathe turns, proceeds to raise the border of the product with his fingers, thus modeling the desired shape.

First firing in the owen: after the finishing of the bottles and a slow drying, the first firing was carried out in the oven, obtaining the bottles in raw biscuit that is, ready to be decorated and glazed.

Glazing and handpainting: the bottles have been dipped in two white and violet glazes, to give a two-tone result

Second firing in the owen: the bottles have been fired in the owen to get the finished object.

Application of decals and third firing: We have made decals with the Domaine de Murtoli logo, to be applied on the front of the bottles, to give the object further value.

The decals were manually applied to the bottles, which were fired again in the oven, to indelibly imprint the graphic on the objects. Furthermore, we have also put our logo on the base, to “sign” the bottles and give a guarantee of quality and craftsmanship of the product.

Numbering of the bottlesthe customer, as it was a limited special production, asked us to manually number the bottles, so our painters draw the number from one to 300 on the bottles and we have fired them again in the owen.

The result was a product designed and created “ad hoc” for the needs of the customer, a precious bottle for a refined content, both the result of man’s craftsmanship.

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