Handpainted ceramics shabby chic style

This style of furniture was born in Great Britain, in country houses. It is a feminine style, with delicate pastel decorations. The word shabby literally means aged, worn out, the word chic is known by everybody. Shabby chic is a much loved style as it manages to give a retro look but with freshness and a welcoming atmosphere.

We have collected all these features in our new Shabby chic collection, offering fine handmade products, to set up the table or to decorate and embellish your homes.

The shabby chic patterns of Ceramiche Edelweiss can be painted on table complements, like:

-dinner plate sets

-tea and coffee sets

-bowls with various sizes and shapes

-trays with various sizes

-cutlery with ceramic handles



Moreover, as table complementes, we have available in the shabby chci style:


-pichers (can be used as flower vases)



The decorations are made in soft pastel colors, such as pink, beige, gray, blue and sage green, and represent floral decorations with roses, lavender, hydrangeas, but also polka dot decorations and antiquing on enamels.

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