Ceramiche Edelweiss presents the Lux catalog: ceramic bathroom accessories, hand-painted ceramic bathroom set, decorated ceramic design accessories to furnish your home with taste or to give a design touch to hotels and restaurants.

Our ceramics are entirely handmade and handpainted and are born from the desire to offer an high-quality handcrafted production, with the constant developing of new lines, to personalise the most diverse rooms and meeting all tastes, from traditional to modern.


In our Lux catalogue you will find completely handpainted collections with elaborated decorations, result of special artisan techniques such as the paint on orange peel, that consists of giving a splash of glaze on the raw shape before being decorated, to add movement and light sfaceting on the surface. This collections are the result of a constant research of new subjects and lines, keeping the identity of unique product, made following the antique ceramic tradition.