Hand painted ceramic glass for liqueurs

Personalized glasses in hand-painted ceramic for “Carboniero”.

For the Al Laghetto restaurant in Telve, a refuge on the Musiera plateau with typical Trentino cuisine, we have created customized glasses to serve Carboniero, an alcoholic beverage to drink at after a meal based on coffee, wine and other secret ingredients, typical of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to warm up in the freezing mountain temperatures.

To serve this drink you need a thick and robust glass to avoid burns, because the Carboniero must be served hot, at the flame. We have created a ceramic glass with a very particular shape, made with the casting technique, which our painters decorated by hand with a reference to the typical mountain landscape and with the name of the restaurant and the drink.

The handmade production of our ceramic gives us the possibility to create personalized table accessories such as jugs, glasses, cups, plates, trays, customizable with the name of the restaurant, the refuge, the farmhouse with the company logo, achievable both in decals both with hand painting.

Like all our tableware, even the glasses for the Carboniero are Moca certified, suitable for contact with food and free of toxic substances.

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