Hand-painted ceramic butter dish

Ceramiche Edelweiss ceramic butter dishes:

Hand-painted ceramic butter dish: Ceramiche Edelweiss produces completely handmade and and handpainted butter dishes.

We have several models available:

-the small butter dish, consisting of saucer and top, suitable as a souvenir or as a gift

-the big butter dish, suitable for a classic butter shape, consisting of saucer and top

– the “reverse” butter dish, consisting of the butter container and his top with an embossed writing

– the mouse butter dishes, available in two different sizes, with a nice small mouse embossed on the top of the butter dish

-the particular water butter dish, made on a project that permits to mantain butter in a container with cold water, to have butter always in the right compactness to be spread

All our butter dishes are available with all the subjects of the various catalogs, or they can be decorated with personalized motifs, logos, writings, etc. and can be combined with the spreader decorated with the same subject.

Elegant and refined for serving butter on the table, excellent for storing in the fridge, the butter dish is a very useful accessory in the kitchen, usable at home but also in restaurants, hotels and bed and breakfasts.

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