Oyster-shaped plates for seafood restaurant

The oyster-shaped plates by Ceramiche Edelweiss:

Oysters are among the rarest and most exclusive products of the sea, and have always been a symbol of gastronomic luxury. Usually oysters are served as an appetizer or during a fresh aperitif.

To bring to the table and amaze your guests, both at home and in a restaurant, we have created a very special tray in the shape of an open oyster. The oyster-shaped plates are entirely made and painted by hand. On the upper part, our painters, with shades ranging from gray to turquoise to purple, have created a mother-of-pearl effect, which faithfully reproduces the inside of the shell. The lower part, on the other hand, reproduces the wavy slats and is decorated by hand in its natural colours.

The tray has a concave shape that allows you to create an ice base on which to place the oysters and is available in two sizes, small for a single portion of two oysters and large, for at least six oysters. The matching fork is also available.

Given the great success of the oyster plates, we are enriching the collection with an original champagne bucket and a special salt and pepper shaker, also in the shape of an oyster.

The oyster-shaped plates are suitable for home use, but also for fish restaurants, gourmet restaurants, starred restaurants, luxury restaurants, aperitifs, etc.

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