Customization of dinner plates for hotels

Our ceramics, entirely made and painted by hand, give us the possibility to create personalized dinner services for hotels, bed and breakfasts and restaurants.

A 5-star luxury resort, located in the heart of Tuscany, focused on a philosophy based on nature and the spirit of collaboration entrusted us with the creation of their breakfast service.

This way of thinking translates into the daily life of the estate where a team of farmers and chefs work in harmony to bring the fruits of the earth to the table.

In this context, so exclusive but based on the authenticity of the raw materials, a set of dishes could not be missing, which is also the result of human craftsmanship, which celebrates the excellence of Italian hospitality.

Our painters, starting from a graphic design by the hotel, decorated a service of breakfast plates by hand, with green floral subjects, which were then immersed in a crystalline to give a lighter background. The hotel logo has been added under each piece, to make the service even more exclusive.

The breakfast service consists of cappuccino and espresso cups with their plate, serving plates, single saucers, egg cups, sugar bowls, towel holders, backsplashes for serving cakes and other sweets and coffee tins.