Decorated porcelain pizza plate 33 cm Made in Italy

Porcelain pizza plates decorated with 33 cm diameter by Ceramiche Edelweiss.

Porcelain pizza plates:Ceramiche Edelweiss, to meet the request of its customers to have a pizza plate that recalls our traditional decorations, but which is at the same time resistant and suitable for intensive use, has created the new porcelain pizza plates.

Our decorators have handcrafted five decorations for pizza plates that recall typically Mediterranean subjects and match our collections of table accessories:

-tomato and olive

-lemon and olive


-peppers, garlic and onions


The porcelain pizza plates are suitable for intensive use, to be used not only at home but also in pizzerias, clubs and restaurants, suitable for microwaves, ovens and dishwasher safe, to serve pizza on an original, colorful and handmade plate




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