Collection ceramic lettuce

The lettuce-shaped ceramic table set by Ceramiche Edelweiss

The lettuce-shaped pottery by Ceramiche Edelweiss:

Ceramic tableware in the shape of lettuce are making a comeback, an icon of the 60s kept hidden for years in the country houses of the elite and reserved for high society dinners. ur collection is inspired by the ceramics of Dodie Thayer, a ceramist who has a very particular history: his family helped to found Palm Beach, where she self-taught how to model pottery from cabbage and lettuce leaves.

Her set was collected by important people like Jacqueline Kennedy and Brooke Astor and celebrated by trade magazines such as Architectural Digest a Gourmet.

It is even said that when Queen Elizabeth visited the horse farm in Kentucky in 1986, her guests were served lunch in “lettuceplates” specially ordered for the occasion.

Today, Dodie Thayer’s ceramics were auctioned at Sotheby’s for $ 60,000 for a set of 107 pieces.

These collections are making a comeback not only thanks to this auction, but it is becoming a real trend to include in tableware and collect items in the shape of lettuce.

In September 2019 Papermag titled “Lattuce is Trending” an article dedicated to the new trends that emerged during the New York fashion week.

Our lettuce collection is available in various colors (dark green, light green and radicchio red) and consists of the following pieces:

-salad bowls of various sizes in the shape of lettuce or cabbage, to serve salads or single portions

-centerpiece of various sizes and shapes

-bowls, gravy boats and spoon rests

-oval plates and trays

The lettuce collection by Ceramiche Edelweiss is entirely made and hand painted in our production site in Nove (VI).

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