Edelweiss ceramics for Bassetti Grandfoulard: customized production of vases, design centerpieces

The customized productions of Ceramiche Edelweiss: a prestigious collection consisting of vase, centerpiece and plate for Bassetti Grandfoulard.

Ceramiche Edelweiss has been collaborating for several years with prestigious companies for the realization of customized projects, following them step by step in the realization of the requested product.

The Granfoulard Bassetti company has been bringing Italian style to the world for years with collections of household linen that are above fashion and with a unique and distinctive taste.

In October 2019 she turned to us for the design of ceramic furnishing accessories, to be sold in combination with textile products in their stores.

The development of the project is divided into various phases, where a cotinuous collaboration and a comparison between our company and  Bassetti, led to the creation of the requested objects:

1.The customer briefly presented his idea of ​​reproducing a lace pattern on ceramics to recall textile products

2.we reworked the customer’s logo with photoshop, to imprint it on the ceramic

3.always with photoshop we have reworked the basis of the customer’s weft and we have studied how to bring it on the ceramic, so that it looks like fine lace places on various objects

4.we have handcrafted the bas-relief matrix of the weft to be reproduced

5-6-7-8-9. The Bassetti marketing department has designed some furnishing accessories on which to reproduce the lace texture: a decorative vase, an important round centerpiece and a square plate. With a meticulous craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail, we have brought the relief of the lace on these objects, studying how to best position it for an elegant and refined result.

10-11 The matrices of the selected shapes and the brand have been created. After seeing the results, the customer confirmed the choice of objects

12. The original rubber shape was modeled to create the casting molds for the vases and press molds for the centerpiece and for the plate

13.After the definition and production of the shapes, a complex phase for the choice of colors began. The selection of shades is a very delicate phase, because it is extremely important to give the objects the right color, to give further value to the selected shapes.

14. Numerous color tests were carried out, always collaboratig with the customer. The aim was to find colors that melt on the relief, highlighting it, and that on the smooth part give a shaded effect, not flat and banal.

It was evaluated whether to use glazes or crystalline and firing was carried out both in the electric oven and in the gas ove, to obtain the desired effect.

15. The customer chose the colors opaque white, blue and red

16. Color application tests were carried out on the finished objects

17. Samples of all objects in the three colors were made for customer approval

18-19. Massive productions have begun, our artisans have manually made the semi-finished products.

After a first firing in the oven, the ceramics were glazed by our master potters and fired one last time.

The result was a collection of furnishing accessories with shiny surfaces and colors that create an effect of depth, refined and elegant, which fully met the customer’s expectations.

We are already collaborating with Bassetti Grandfoulard for the choice of new colors to be presented for the summer season, with more delicate and pearly shades, for new effects and new settings.

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