Ceramic semi-finished biscuit

Ceramiche Edelweiss, in addition to the production of the finished product, for over fifty years, pruduces and sells ceramic biscuit, the semi-finished products, fired once in the oven and ready to be decorated.

The raw material used is clay, which must be well kneaded before modeling in order to eliminate all air gaps and make it compact to prevent cracks and breaks from forming during the drying and burning phase.

Depending on the shape, the object is press-molded, shaped with a lathe, trodden on forms or cast in plaster prints and subsequently finished and sponged.

Now the artifact must be left to rest in the air. During the drying the object expels the water. Once dried, the product must be fired in special ovens that reach high temperatures. The heat must gradually increase and the firing lasts many hours (stalls) as well as the cooling, so as not to cause abrupt decreases in temperature and breaking in the fired objects.

Now the biscuit is ready for any finish, both to be decorated by hand and to be glazed. With our ceramic biscuit we supply other manufacturers , laboratories, hobbyists, creative laboratories, schools and anyone who wants to produce ceramics.

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