Ceramic pottery with typical landscapes

The hand-painted landscapes of Ceramiche Edelweiss

Ceramic tableware with hand-painted landscapes: Edelweiss ceramics, on customer’s demand, decorates freehand typical landscapes with vivid and bright colors.

Starting from an image or a photograph, our painters will be able with brushes to recreate the most varied landscapes (seas, hills, lakes, villages, etc.), getting as close as possible to the customer’s request.

The typical landscapes are reproducible on all our smooth shapes, the most requested for this type of decoration are:

  • wall plates, available in different sizes and shapes (round, heart, rectangular), are real paintings with which you can decorate your home
  • bottles with different capacities and shapes (can-shaped, amphora-shaped, waved, etc.) to be used daily for oil
  • spoon rests
  • mug and cups
  • wall and free-standing thermometers
  • bowls of various shapes and sizes (round, square, heart)
  • the magnets, which can also be made with the bas-relief technique

The objects decorated with typical landscapes allow shopkeepers to offer their customers a unique and unrepeatable handmade object made in Italy, which is at the same time decorative, useful and usable daily and gives the opportunity to bring home an unforgettable souvenir of the holiday or of a visited place.

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