Ceramic jars for olive oil

The ceramic jars for oil by Ceramiche Edelweiss

Once upon a time only clay and terracotta were the materials for storing good olive oil, in heavy skins, away from any external contamination that could modify its flavor or worse, make it rancid. Gradually, we moved on to storage containers such as glass or aluminum tin.

With the ceramic jar we cover tradition, the result of the artistic skills of our master potters, which complete the master art of oil of Italian olive, undoubtedly one of the most important national food expressions.

Each jar, being entirely made and painted by hand, is always absolutely unique and his drawings and patterns recall, in an unequivocal and original way, symbols, landscapes and colors of the territory, characteristics that make the jars true works of art.

The oil contained in these ceramic bottles preserves all its highest organoleptic properties, flavors and inimitable aromas. The ceramic jar is also eco-sustainable, because it is produced with non-toxic materials, lead-free colors and paints, suitable for contact with food and can be reused over and over again. Like all our products, the ceramic jars are also Moca-certified for food.

We have many shapes of oil bottles in our assortment and our latest creation is the jar, available in sizes 250, 500, 750, 1500ml.

Our jars are fully customizable with the customer’s company logo, decoration, event writing, and are also ideal for a gourmet wedding favor. The bottles are supplied with their cap, and the customer can choose between the mushroom pourer with lid (makes the bottle airtight) and the straw pourer (cork / steel) to serve the oil with elegance on the table.

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