Ceramic design cup

The design cups inspired by the Tour de France.

Ceramiche Edelweiss has created very original cycling-themed cups with the colors of the Tour de France jerseys following a Belgian designer’s project.

The designer sent us her drawings and after a feasibility assessment and some technical changes necessary for the production, we had our modelers make the rubber for the molds. We create espresso cups with saucers, tea / cappuccino cups and milk cups.

The cups were made with the casting technique, which is divided into various phases:

Clay casting: the clay in a fluid state, is poured into the gypsum mold, whose porosity absorbs water, forming a thickness around its surface.

Demoulding of the object: after the time necessary for the clay to solidify, we proceed to demoulding: the mold is opened and the object extracted gently.

Finishing of the details: the residual components deriving from the joints of the mold are removed and any small defects are cancelled manually

Sponging of the object: The sponging phase involves the passage of a wet sponge over the entire surface of the object to eliminate any imperfections

-Drying of the object: Procedure consisting in the evaporation of the water contained in the articles before they are introduced into the oven for firing

Object firing: Objects are placed on refractory slabs in the oven trolley and fired at a high temperature

Next, we glazed the cups and after further firing in the oven, we applied the decals with the colors of the shirts of the Tour de France:

Yellow jersey: Worn by the winner on the podium and the leading rider of the general classification

Green jersey: intended for the dominator of the points classification.

White jersey: is reserved for the best runner who is under 25 years old

-Polka dot jersey: for the leader of the climbers classification

Furthermore, a decal with a bicycle has been applied to the center of the saucer, visible only when the cups are raised.


The result was a design product that celebrates the world of cycling in a funny and original way.

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