Ceramic corporate gifts and promotional items: personalised pen holder

The corporate gadgets and promotional items of Ceramiche Edelweiss

Aurorapromotion pen holders for Acqualatina: Ceramiche Edelweiss puts its experience, creativity and craftsmanship at the service of your company, offering you the opportunity to create ad hoc creations, for a truly original and precious gift. Choosing the right corporate gadget is very important: it will continue to talk about you for a long time and in many different places, so… you need to choose it carefully! What better way to amaze your customers with a quality product, the result of Made in Italy originality, but at the same time captivating and original.

This is how the collaboration with the Aurorapromotion company was born, a promotional advertising agency with over 30 years of experience, which creates innovative communications through objects of all kinds. Aurorapromotion was looking for a promotional item for the Acqualatina company, the manager of the Integrated Water Service for Southern Lazio, who wanted to create a precious and useful company gadget, with his company brand.

In collaboration with our team, a pen holder was chosen with a shape made specifically for the customer. A mold for the press was created by our modelers, with the logo in bas-relief already engraved on the base. Our graphic designers made decals with the company logo and a quote. The electric blue color was difficult to obtain, so various tests were carried out to keep the color bright. We decided to carry out a third baking in the oven at a lower temperature, so that the color is not “turned off” by the high temperature.

The result was a personalized pen holder, a useful and particular company gift, which fully met the expectations of the Customer

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