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Ceramic house tile numbers

To embellish your houses, Ceramiche Edelweiss has created the ceramic house numbers that are available in different color combinations: blue-yellow / blue-light blue / yellow-green / brown-pink. The hose numbers are completely handmade and handpainted and are decorated with a small fower that matches with the color of the numbers . There are also available […]

Project realizations interior designers

Project realizations interior designers: Ceramiche Edelweiss realizes works on projects, following  the plan of architects and interior designers, with precision measurements. The first step is the creation of a prototype in gypsum by our designer, realized by carefully following the project’s measurements. After approval we create  the rubber for the mold on the prototype Then […]

Wine pitchers for restaurants, wine bars

Wine pitchers for restaurants and wine bars. Wine and grapes have always been part of human history. In many countries wine is produced and consumed: Italy (all regions). France with: the Gironde, between the province of Bordeaux, Lesparre-Médoc and Libourne; Burgundy and Beaujolais; the Champagne; Alsace; the valley of the Loire with the Turenne, the […]

Handicraft Ceramic souvenirs made in Italy

Ceramiche Edelweiss, thanks to his handcrafted production process, makes it possible to personalise decorations, shapes and models to better adapt them to the requests of its customers. This also makes possible o create products for touristic areas, with the name of the place and the typical landscape. In addition to the decoration on smooth shapes, […]

Hand-painted Fruit salad set Impero

Hand-painted Fruit salad set Impero: Collection of Italian ceramics realized in Nove entirely made and painted by hand, composed of bowls of various sizes that can be used both as salad bowls and as a fruit salad set, or for sauces or snacks. Of the same collection there are also available coordinated cups in two […]

Decorated ceramic salad cutlery

Stainless steel Salad servers set … a succession of colors, of different shades, give shape to the objects of this collection, the result of the artistic tradition of our decorators. The brushstrokes are always “unique” and inimitable on other materials such as plastic and glass make the cutlery “live” in bright colors and absolutely cheerful. […]

Handpainted Magnolia flower vase

Handpainted Magnolia flower vase: Ceramiche Edelweiss is proud to present the new Magnolia collection, composed of  the Magnolia flowers vase, flower bags of various sizes, round and square salad bowls, trays, bottles, napkin holders, etc., all the models that can be decorated with this subject are visible in the catalogue Forme. Moreover, the elegance of […]