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Luxury personalised ceramic gin bottle Murtoli Gin

Project for the realization of a luxury gin bottle produced by the Murtoli company in Corsica. Handmade ceramic spirit bottle: The Murtoli company in Corsica, owner of the exclusive Domanine de Murtoli, a 5-star hotel located in southern Corsica, contacted us to create a personalized ceramic bottle for the gin they produce. The customer asked […]

Handpainted ceramics shabby chic style

This style of furniture was born in Great Britain, in country houses. It is a feminine style, with delicate pastel decorations. The word shabby literally means aged, worn out, the word chic is known by everybody. Shabby chic is a much loved style as it manages to give a retro look but with freshness and […]

Decorated porcelain pizza plate 33 cm Made in Italy

Porcelain pizza plates decorated with 33 cm diameter by Ceramiche Edelweiss. Porcelain pizza plates:Ceramiche Edelweiss, to meet the request of its customers to have a pizza plate that recalls our traditional decorations, but which is at the same time resistant and suitable for intensive use, has created the new porcelain pizza plates. Our decorators have […]

Ceramics with hand-painted prickly pears

Ceramics with prickly pears by Ceramiche Edelweiss Pottery with hand-painted prickly pear: To celebrate the coming season and the typical Mediterranean landscapes, Ceramiche Edelweiss has enriched its assortment with the new Fico d’india collection, a typical southern Italian plant, colorful and cheerful. Like all our products, also the Fico d’india commection is completely made by […]

Ceramic pottery with typical landscapes

The hand-painted landscapes of Ceramiche Edelweiss Ceramic tableware with hand-painted landscapes: Edelweiss ceramics, on customer’s demand, decorates freehand typical landscapes with vivid and bright colors. Starting from an image or a photograph, our painters will be able with brushes to recreate the most varied landscapes (seas, hills, lakes, villages, etc.), getting as close as possible […]

Personalized project ceramic cup anniversary Foundry Fim Cast

The customized project for the realization of the ceramic cup for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Fim Cast company in Segusino. Personalized ceramic cup for the Fim Cast Foundry anniversary celebration: The company Fim Cast from Segusino, founded in 1959, for its 60th anniversary wanted to make a truly special gift for its […]

Pizza plate restaurant pizzeria

Handpainted ceramic pizza plates The ceramic pizza plates by Ceramiche Edelweiss: The Ceramiche Edelweiss pizza plates, in addition to being used as an original dish to serve pizza on the table, can also be hung on the wall as a decoration to amaze your guests, at home but especially in restaurants and pizzerias. The pizza […]

Hand-painted ceramic butter dish

Ceramiche Edelweiss ceramic butter dishes: Hand-painted ceramic butter dish: Ceramiche Edelweiss produces completely handmade and and handpainted butter dishes. We have several models available: -the small butter dish, consisting of saucer and top, suitable as a souvenir or as a gift -the big butter dish, suitable for a classic butter shape, consisting of saucer and […]

Dining set for special occasions

The ceramic dining sets of Ceramiche Edelweiss Handpainted ceramic dining set for speciale occasions: Ceramiche Edelweiss produces hand-painted artistic ceramic dinner sets, for everyday but also for special occasions, like the new “Cranberry” collection, which can be used all year round but for Christmas, thanks to the color bright red of the berries and the green […]

Personalised corporate gift

Ceramic corporate gifts by Ceramiche Edelweiss Personalised corporate gift: Corporate gifts are an effective way to enhance and improve relationships with cutomers and employees. Communicating to them that you care about them is really very important and a personalized corporate gift symbolically shows the gratitude you have for them, encouraging them to rely on your […]

Decorative ceramic wall plate

The decorative ceramic wall plates by Ceramiche Edelweiss for associations and touristic initiatives Decorative ceramic wall plate for associations and touristic initiatives: Ceramiche Edelweiss, on demand of the tourist association Candriai Monte Bondone of Trentino Alto Adige, has created for an event decorative ceramic plates to hang on the  wall with the application of a […]

Hand painted ceramic flower

The Ceramiche Edelweiss’s ceramic flowers Hand painted ceramic flower: Ceramiche Edelweiss produces ceramic flowers entirely handmade and hand painted. Our expert ceramists make the petals and leaves one by one manually using clay to create different flowers: roses, callas, lilies, hydrangeas, orchids, daisies, sunflowers, poppies, etc. The flowers are fired in the oven and then […]